Salvador Mendoza

If you are not making something or inspiring something, you are doing something… wrong.


Warning: By buying any of my products, you are acknowledging that you are accepting these terms and conditions: no guarantees, no warranties, no technical support, no returns and no refunds. My products are for researching and only and strictly for educational purposes(haha).


  • You can buy my hardware using the PayPal button or using Bitcoin or Ethereum(bottom of the page) and send me the details by email( for the shipping process.
  • If a product is in this page, probably I might ship it right away. If I do not have it, I will make it for you. The shipping process could take around 30 days. Be aware of this.
  • If you have any questions, contact me.



BlueSpoof is a magnetic stripe information spoofer that transmit data wirelessly. I presented this device at DEF CON 25th. In hardware perspective, BlueSpoof is different to the Samy Kamkar’s MagSpoof tool. One of the main differences is that this tool implements a modified Bluetooth speaker board unlike Samy’s MagSpoof ATtiny85 micro-controller. The main modification in the Bluetooth speaker is the output channels where I added a special coil to “interpret” the magstripe info audio. Adding that it is a cross-platform spoofer.




Imagine that you can wear a device, capable of storing approximately 250,000 credit card numbers and use them wirelessly. Sounds ridiculous? right? right??


If you want to buy MagSpoof, you can contact Electronic Cats:

Bitcoin: 13JCepPo1YPWDvfaJt5cZQimykuTGu1Wrk
Ethereum: 0x9b4ae134EF3655631ffE11F9BcC5b34F2A95bdEA

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