Salvador Mendoza

If you are not making something or inspiring something, you are doing something… wrong.


Samsung Pay bajo la mira: compras ilícitas con tokens robados We Live Security by Denise Giusto Bilic

Los expertos advierten de la difusión del código usado en el ciberataque El Pais by Rosa Jimenez Cano

Samsung is all talk, no fix after researcher finds Pay flaw ZDNet by Zack Whittaker

Is Samsung Pay vulnerable to hackers? International Business Times by Jason Murdock

Samsung both denies and admits mobile payment vulnerability CSO by Maria Korolov

Samsung: Hackers can’t pwn our NFC payment kit. No way, nuh-uh, not true (Well, OK, maybe) The register by Iain Thomson

Samsung Pay hack lets attackers skim cards to make fraudulent payments The Verge by James Vincent

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