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If you are not making something or inspiring something, you are doing something… wrong.


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My name is Salvador Mendoza, and I am a security researcher; my opinions, projects and methodologies are mine. During these years, I learned that be secure is not a mental state, it is a complex process where each ramification conveys preventive fears and applied knowledges.

Thinking abstractly is the only way to be ahead of many things.

I am focusing in tokenization processes, payment systems, mag-stripe information and embedded prototypes. I have presented on tokenization flaws and payment methods at Black Hat USA, DEF CON 24/25/26, DerbyCon, Ekoparty 16/18, HITB, Troopers 17/18, 8dot8 and many other conferences. Also I designed different tools to pentest mag-stripe information and tokenization processes. My designed toolset includes MagSpoofPI, JamSpay, TokenGetSamyKamBlueSpoof and lately the NFCopy project.

Book author of “Show me the (e-) money Hacking a sistemas de pagos digitales: NFC. RFID, MST y Chips EMV“. A Spanish book which explains many different attacks against payment system and details new attack methods.

Proudly, I am Co-founder of Women in Tech Fund:

At Women in Tech Fund, “We are a group of independent security researchers, and computer science researchers who believe that our field needs more diversity. We had witnessed how women around the world are challenged by numerous obstacles when attempting to join the technology field. From cultural biases through discrimination to lack of financial support, women have a lower participation in our community. We believe that we may encourage more women to enter and stay in this field.

The Independent Women in Tech Fund aims to help women attend security conferences by providing assistance with entry ticket and possible travel support. ”

Partnership or sponsorship

If you want to make a partnership or have a sponsorship that I can use for my researches(that means a lot to me), please feel free to contact me:

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