[Updated: February 23, 2017] Electronic Cats made an important commit at SamyKam schematics. The first version of the PCB had an issue with a ground for the rotary encoder. The switch to select things in the menu was not working properly. After the fix, I tested the last version of the SamyKam PCB today from Oshpark, and it was running smoothly. Thank you for your support.

SamyKam is a new project to pentest mag-stripe information, including its hardware and software. I have been working with Electronic Cats to design a portable hardware where the user can interact with it directly on the ssh, OLED, phone or browser. The code is an integration of MagSpoof and Raspberry Pi. The main idea behind this tool is to provide a toolset for mag-stripe scenarios.

Moreover, the name SamyKam is in honor of Samy Kamkar for his hard work and his support to the community.

The initial project was MagSpoofPI. In that design, the main limitation was the necessary to re-program the MagSpoof over ssh all the time. Even when it is easy to do it, sometimes the network could be an issue. So in this new project, we integrated Bluetooth support(a mini-shell) for a direct interaction through a cell phone or another device with Bluetooth support. Adding http support to execute a micro web-server(flask) to run, compile or alter MagSpoof tracks in any web browser. The mini OLED display and rotary encoder were designed for prepared tests and for fast access to the main services implementing a navigation menu.

The completed first MagSpoofPI circuit:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 2.40.18 PM

The new integrated hardware: I2C OLED works together with a rotary encoder, first prototype:


All together:


This first prototype was not “practical” in real life. Cables, breadboards, Raspberry Pi, OLED and rotary encoder were enough just for testing at impractical environments.

Together with Electronic Cats, we designed a new PCB to make this project real, adequate and ready to use it at any type of situation. Having in mind all the versions of Raspberry Pi to be supported.

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Today, we have a beta version that we want to share to the community, open hardware and software to test it. Sabas, testing the code and hardware:

Testing menu and Bluetooth connection:

The beta code and schematics: https://github.com/ElectronicsCats/SamyKamTools

We will add more details about commands, navigation and the project itself at its wiki page shortly:  https://github.com/ElectronicsCats/SamyKamTools/wiki

Hardware SamyKam list:
1 Rotary encoder
1 128X32 OLED LCD
1 SMD 10K
4 SMD 1K
1 SMD 330ohms
2 SMD 100uF
1 ATTINY85-20SU Atmel 8-bit Microcontrollers – MCU
1 SMD/SMT 0.1uF
1 Microchip Gate Drivers 3A Dual MOSFET Drvr