My talk was scheduled at 4:30pm on Aug 5th, one day after my Black Hat’s presentation. I felt confident and happy. It was going to be my first presentation at defcon, and it was going to be in the biggest scenario, track 2.


One year ago, I was in DEF CON 23 in one of the most interesting talks for that edition. Almost in the  same scenario where I was standing at, Samy Kamkar was in the stage. Car hacking, radio frequencies and geek stuff with a completed dominance, Samy gave us a perfect talk. I thought one day I will be there, and someone else will be here. That day arrived.

The room had a capacity for around 1200 people according to my Goon’s friend. I was ready. Some of my friends were seated in the front rows giving me support. Some familiar faces were around too. Some people that I met in a bar or in the casino. Even one guy that I met in the Speaker party one night before was present. He wanted to see if my stories that I made up one night before were true. I did not disappoint him.

To be in defcon, a speaker has to be prepared in different ways: materials, support and pressure. No body will survive that audience without that. When I started my talk, I did not expect what I lived. I embraced my presentation, and branded my message to the audience thoughts. If samsung was not going to recognize and fix the main problem, the people in that room had to be critical inform about the issues. IMG-20160806-WA0021