What is Ekoparty?

Ekoparty is a place where everyone has to be at the end of the year. Buenos Aires became a friendship zone where everyone could comment, share or ask anything. Everyone was welcomed, even the politicians. The level of humbleness was exquisite. I saw how the organizers talked to students, professionals or speakers showing why Ekoparty is Ekoparty; embracing quality, intellectuality and humble into the conference. Those qualities are what people branded into their experiences in this friend-party. All that is exactly what Ekoparty is.



About my trip:

Flying from San Francisco to Buenos Aires is a difficult journey, but it gets complex when you are flighting and a DDoS attack is happening simultaneously20161021_224357Thinking about the repercussions of Mirai while landing at Miami, I started receiving many messages requesting information about the attack and the current situation. I had the opportunity to commented about what Mirai botnet was in one of the articles of El Pais before I left Miami.thumbnail_img-20161021-wa0007

I arrived couple days earlier to enjoy Ekoparty before it starts. I followed the manual and the tips, I stayed in the limits of Buenos Aires to enjoy the city from outside to inside. Avoiding the traffic and the glamour of Buenos Aires city.


Argentina is enormous to travel all, so I started looking for where I could initiate my journey; after researching a little bit, I decided to start at El Tigre. This place is amazing. It was named like this because according with its history: the ancestors hunted “tigres” at the early years. A place to spend family quality time:

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I had the opportunity to visit amazing places at Buenos Aires, I added some pictures of them:

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My roll in Ekoparty was to present three different things, to share projects and knowledge at the same time. Knowing that the easy way to learn is sharing: I was ready to do that in this amazing environment.


It is very difficult to describe Ekoparty using words, I left some more pictures to share what I saw those days.

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It was a pleasure to be in Ekoparty. If I have a second opportunity to attend it, for sure I will be with you guys! Thank you.