The main idea behind ViolentMag project is BlueSpoof. More details about AudioSpoof and BlueSpoof.

ViolentMag is an online project which runs under the hood a python script: and two simple web pages. With this project, users are able to generate audiospoof(magstripe audio files) to be downloaded, played or transmitted from their browsers.

Implementing HTML5 technology, ViolentMag could transmit audiospoof data to a terminal or PoS(Point of Sale System) through a special hardware like BlueSpoof. Adding that there is no necessity to recompile, reprogram or alter the hardware in anyway to transmit the magstripe using this tool.

The most challenging part is that individuals could use their cell phones or any Bluetooth supported device connected to BlueSpoof to transmit magstripe information without downloading any file from the web.

Proof of concept:

Some of the tested browsers that run perfectly with BlueSpoof and ViolenMag project: Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Samsung Internet!



Credits: HD, Major Malfunction, Samy Kamkar.