It was a pleasure to participate in the 2017 edition of the 8.8 conference! This event took place in South America. This year, many different countries(Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia) were involved in the 8.8 wave.

The main event took place in Santiago, Chile. I had the opportunity to participate in the Bolivia and Chile editions with a couple days apart. Traveling from San Francisco to Santiago, go back and forth to Bolivia was challenging.

Yes! It was my first 8.8 conference. I have been reading and hearing about it during years, but I did not have the chance to attend it until this year.

Each conference around the world has very peculiar things that make them unique. The 8.8 is a combination of friendship and adventure. No body is prepare for the altitude of La Paz, Bolivia 4100+ meters as example. It feels like you are running a marathon every day. However, they have oxygen shots if you are wondering. But I prefer the Coca Mate, a local beverage which relaxes your body and focus your mind!

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La Paz is like Mexico City but without tacos al pastor. It felt like home. Its people were polite and pleasant. I had the opportunity to meet new friends who gave me more ideas to keep researching and improving my skills. Planning to come back one day.

In Santiago, I started breathing normally again. It feels good! But, I started missing Bolivia. One day before the main event, Hackers vs Cisos took place. Paulino Calderon, Santiago Pontiroli and I were participating against the Chiefs. Gabriel Bergel was moderating the debate. We took them apart obviously. With one term: hybrid! It was a great meeting, really enjoyable.

I was amazed with the quality of the 8.8 talks, and I had the opportunity to meet very impressive researchers:

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I really enjoyed to participate in 8.8!



Hope to come back and enjoy the quality of its people and researchers again.

Thanks to the staff and every one involved!